About this site:

An ongoing project of unleavened musings, photo documents, ephemera and video relating to the religious landscapes of (mainly) the Northeastern U.S. but increasingly even more far-reaching.

I study religious history to expand religious tolerance and understanding.

Build tolerance in your life and community Consider visiting a place of worship you’ve never been in your neighborhood, speaking to people of different faith backgrounds, learning about new religious traditions and the diversity of the American religious experience through first-hand experience. Contact me if you want to share your pictures and impressions here.

About Me: Alexandra “Xander” Prince

PhD candidate at the University at Buffalo focused on investigating 19th and early 20th century American and Caribbean religious history, the history of madness, and theories of religion. I am a #MuslimAlly and stand in solidarity with the Muslim and Jewish communities of America who are under attack in the current political environment.

Contact:   alprince@buffalo.edu

Tweeting @biblecommunist


finespines : book art lost n found

medium & the message : spiritualist trance recordings

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