earliest virgin

This 16th century codex, now on display at the Library of Congress, is thought to be the earliest image of the Madonna and Child created by Indians in the New World. Prepared by native artists in 1531, this image served as part of a lawsuit brought by indigenous people of Huejotzingo, Mexico on behalf of Hernan Cortes. Cortes sued the judges of the Mexico City court for demanding excessive tribute payment from the Indians under their jurisdiction. In the end, they won. It  was an unprecedented victory.  How did the Madonna and Child factor into this dispute? That part of the story I did not learn. Not yet.


life on the ark

Talmudic considerations of the biblical flood to ponder as the rain continues:

On the ark, precious stones as bright as the noon sun provided light. The sun rose in the west and set in the east. The water of the flood was as hot and thick as semen. Noah was engaged day and night feeding and caring for the animals and did not sleep for an entire year. The raven created problems–refusing to leave the ark when Noah sent it forth, accusing the patriarch of wishing to destroy its race and desiring its mate. Noah dismissed the accusation, pointing out that he hadn’t even slept with his own [human] wife. The lion caught a fever and lost its appetite for several months. The phoenix didn’t ask for food for fear of bothering Noah. Male ravens spit semen into the females’ mouths.

(Derived from Sanhedrin 108-Babylonian Talmud)



New journal article out here on the history of (what I argue is) the first eugenics experiment in the U.S–stirpiculture at the Oneida Community. Many scholars, and those otherwise interested, often frame utopias such as the Oneida Community (OC) as “failed experiments.” I think this is a myopic analysis, especially in the case of the OC. The community lasted four decades–that’s a long time to live communally in dedication to principles never before carried out in history. It’s a long time to not have claims to any personal money, possessions, or even blood relatives. And it’s a long time to carry out a novel vision of a new American spiritual society. There were struggles–of course. But what my examination of stirpiculture signals to me is a dedication and follow-through on principles which radically reimagined the definitions many of us take for granted today. Marriage, property, childrearing, conception, reproduction, contraception, non-monogamous relationships–these are just some of the many concepts which were drastically rewritten by the OC and its leader John Humphrey Noyes.







the Falls will transform into the lake of fire


Niagara Falls, New York

Second Coming House of Prophet Isaiah


these are the seals– 7, this is the ark of the covenant , 7 point star represents God, God is  a wheel, Jesus Christ at the bottom of the falls, last chance. the judgement seat of Jesus Christ is on Goat Island–where he will separate goats from the sheep. the Falls will transform into the lake of fire. we are scared China and Russia will use nuclear weapons. United States are protected by God. a black person in the White House? –reason why Barack Obama is in the White House is that he’s the last president. there will be no more presidents.”